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30 August 2014
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We are taught that we must be better, smarter, and more polite because Black bodies are seen as worse, ignorant, and dangerous. We must remain on high alert as we navigate our own neighborhoods and are aware of tensions that arise when we walk through others. We are told to respect the police not because they have earned it by being our protectors, but because lack of respect can result in brutality and death. When we do succeed, we are considered exceptional, and when we fail, we are an expected statistic.

We have yet to reach the mundane. Our stories must be triumph or tragic because normalcy is not afforded to us. If we existed in the realm of the average, we would not be seen as a threat until we actually acted as such. If we were afforded normalcy, we would not exist in the extreme margins of society. As it stands, we are Oprah Winfrey or Renisha McBride, Barack Obama or Michael Brown. These are the narratives about Black people that resonate and attract attention — so much so that our existence as college students and professionals are still seen as exceptional, not expected.

—  Aisha N. Davis, “On Unforgettable Blackness,” TheFrisky.com (via thefrisky)

29 August 2014
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remove toxic people from your life unapologetically and without explanation. free yourself. do it now. don’t worry about the consequences just do it. go.

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When did Martin Luther King get transformed from a revolutionary civil rights leader that the FBI feared into a teddy bear that only says “I Have A Dream” when you pull the string?

— Hari Kondabolu  (via thefemcritique)

28 August 2014
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The works of Ezra Jack Keats.

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27 August 2014
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If you’re a decent human being by nature, don’t ever give that up. Don’t let the world change you.

— Epithets of Lee²

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26 August 2014
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Yo! My name is Nikolas A. Draper-Ivey…This is cosplay as Cinematic Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider Man. This suit was made by 
Jesse Covington ( Writer and Costume Designer) and sewn by Sasha Williams ( Fashion Major graduate). Photos were taken by Pierre BL Brevard I specifically would like to thank Marvel Comics Artist Sara Pichelli for designing this character. I’m also very excited to see Olivier Coipel's work on Spider-Verse!

(Full shoot will be shot in New York itself just in time for NYCC)

25 August 2014
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I might not be a fan of Nicki Minaj’s music, but when it comes to her advocacy for young girls and their betterment, I stan for that. Any artist that uses their platform like that is alright with me.

You go, Onika!

— Epithets of Lee²

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3 Ways to Speak English.

Jamila Lyiscott is a “tri-tongued orator;” in her powerful spoken-word essay “Broken English,” she celebrates — and challenges — the three distinct flavors of English she speaks with her friends, in the classroom and with her parents. As she explores the complicated history and present-day identity that each language represents, she unpacks what it means to be “articulate.”

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All of a sudden, my life has gotten very amazing (again).

— Epithets of Lee²

24 August 2014
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The Past
-Never forget it, never be ashamed of it, and always keep it in mind. Don’t let it make you vengeful, either. Instead, allow it to be your drive to be more than what was permitted prior.

The Present
-Remain vigilant of reality. Shit is STILL not sweet for Black people, even in 2013…

I wrote this last year. This is always necessary.